All music written and performed by Madensuyu.


1. It’s Upon
2. One More Time
3. A Current
4. Rag
5. It Comes Along
6. The Flood The Flow The Roar
7. Breathe Sail On
8. Ill Timed
9. The Ravel
10. 8 By Pieces

Recorded January 2017 at Intrepid Studios, Belgium by Bart Demey.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Bart Demey at The Whiteroom/Begijnhof Audio Research Terminal. Additional synth on ‘8 by Pieces’ by Bart Demey.Artwork by Madensuyu. Coverpicture shot by An Oost. Lay-out by Tiffany Dierckx.

Lyrics by Stijn Ylode De Gezelle. Lyrics by Pieterjan Vervondel
Pieterjan Vervondel would like to thank: Everybody who was there before, during and after making this record. Very special <3 to An Oost, my sons Casper and Minne and their brother and sister Oscar and Holy. My parents and my brother and sister.
Stijn Ylode De Gezelle would like to thank: Everybody involved in making this record and above all, my family. Christina Vandekerckhove, Jeanne and Leon. x+