All songs by Madensuyu
Stijn Ylode De  Gezelle (5-string, dynamic midi-pedal and voice)
Pj Vervondel (drums and voice)


1. Woman
2. Fafafafuckin’
3. Write Or Wrong
4. Oh Frail
5. Ti:me
6. My
7. Tread On Tread Light
8. Little F
9. D Is Done

Recorded at Rising Sun, Brussels, winter2007-08
Engineering by Géraldine Cappa
Mixed by Pierre Vervloesem
Mastered by Pieter De Waghter at Equus, Brussels
Saxophone on My by Frans Van Isacker.
Bass clarinet on My by Peter Vermeersch
Lyrics by Stijn Ylode De Gezelle
Produced by Peter Vermeersch and Madensuyu
Artdirection and design by Madensuyu
Photography by Jeroen Doise
Discdesign by Hans van Handenhoven

Limited edition of 3500 copies: sold out


Thanks: Tom Lezaire, Midas Vervondel, Jeroen Doise, Kristiaan Art, Frans Van Isacker, Marijn & co at Beursschouwburg, Fien Matthijs, Wim Bruyneels, Sinta & Cristina, Peter at Ecofriendly, ing. Dirk & Brenda at Reprosol, Heidi at Soundperformance, Corry, Boulty b quencer b,  Thomas Vervondel, Maurice & Christiane, Joris Verniest, Bart Smekens, bt at dpf, Jason and Chris at Bertus Distribution, Franky at Stage-Mania, “D is Done” assemblage-team (u know who u are! xx)

Marpoes & Johannah + Casper + a big welcome to Minne
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